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The Net and The Net 2.0

The Net the movie 1995


This is a really well put together movie and because of the date of it's release we may even be able to give it credit for inspiring actual computer companies to follow these ideas in the film.

Any sane person by the world's standards would say great movie it's a nice fairy tale but that can't actually happen and most of that stuff in the movie was all Hollywood stuff. None of that could actually happen and those computer commands were all fake right?

(please see my references before discounting my article)
WRONG! on every count. Any real computer hacker or programmer knows that everything seen in that movie is as real as the computers they used in the movie. Those Unix / Linux commands used in that movie are very real and so is the output the hacker in the movie got from those commands, further more everything is controlled by computers this day in age. No one knows that better than the computer tech that gets calls about businesses closing, people loosing jobs, and all a person's personal data being gone unless that tech comes to save the day. It's pitiful how much we rely on computers and how much our Government has done to make us that way. Paperless sounds great. It's good for trees and the environment they say. You see demonstrated time and time again in this movie how easily an identity can be changed, hospital records, etc.

A paperless world is great according to the Government and Companies in the US. (no papers to check the computer against)

Get Green with Online Statements

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U.S. Bank is proud to offer a paperless option to managing your money. Our free online statements are a great way to help the environment and keep your financial information secure. There's no fee to enroll, and you'll significantly decrease the chances of being a victim of fraud or identity theft as a result of stolen documents from your mail.

Oh wait you think I'm nuts already? Oh well I got Micro$oft to explain everything for you here:

But this whole "The Net" movie was designed around a conspiracy that there is a piece of software on everyone's computer that gives one giant company control over everything and we know that does not exist right?

WRONG! again. Our Government wants to have all the information that is available about anyone anywhere on the planet at all times. Why? Because we have nothing better to do with Government funding and we are extremely paranoid and because some how we have convinced ourselves that we can process this much information and use it to help us track down dangerous people. The Government can't do it alone. They need the help of a large corporation with software that is on more client computers nation wide than any other software.
At the end of the 90's Micro$oft was just that company. The NSA (the division of the Government that knows everything anyone in the US knows) decided to partner with Microsoft to find a way to monitor everything everyone was and is doing.

Proof the NSA is in your computer!

How they monitor us:

I had friends working at Microsoft during this time that were making $170,000.00 a year. They quit because they heard about the project. Microsoft code named the "Project" (not operating system) "Project Longhorn". This was a code name that programmers used to refer to this watchdog program. Windows 98 didn't have this technology in it to anyone's knowledge. Because Microsoft is not open source we have no way of knowing exactly what Microsoft did but we do know the result and we do have proof it exists. Windows XP was Microsoft's sandbox where they could try implementing more and more monitors and controls over time threw Windows Update. To some XP stood for Experimental Prototype. Then error reports containing all the user's info related to the event was sent back to Microsoft so they and their "partners" (the NSA) could work to improve performance (make it less noticeable). Once Microsoft was convinced that they had achieved perfection Windows Vista and Windows Longhorn were released. Before people with XP, 98, ME, NT, 2000, etc. were able to surf the web using only dial up, but now with Microsoft's new deep rooted (code in the NT kernel) watchdog big brother software always sending information back and forth over the internet from your computer to Microsoft / NSA dial up could no longer be used. On a 45 kilobit connection only 3 kilobits could be used by the user. This resulted in timeouts, 5 minutes to load a page if it loaded, and you couldn't get your e-mail because the server would time out. Users with dial up either stuck with XP or turned to Linux to solve their problems. Still others that were using Dial Up transitioned over to what was called "High Speed" satellite connections for $50+ a month instead of the usual $10.00 a month they paid for dial-up. Also (and this is hard for most average computer users to understand) drivers for the new NT kernel for Vista had to be rewritten for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the operating system. Why? (Continued under Trusted Computing below.)
Microsoft isn't alone in this all though they certainly are to blame for security issues. The FBI, CIA, and other entities can collect data threw spyware, malware, cookies, etc. and they have in the past.

DRM, Trusted Computing, (How they control us):

Refrences where you can read more about these terms:
Trusted Computing

  5. (you will also see Bill mentioning Longhorn)
You can read all the confusing stuff on the internet about DRM and Trusted Computing but I'll make it really simple. It's all about control. DRM is how they control what we watch, what we hear, what we can watch and hear it on, and how many times we have to pay for the same song or video to listen to it on a different device.

Trusted Computing is how they control what can run on your hardware and or Kernel period. In the case of Windows Vista and Windows 7 this means that in order for a driver to work (be accepted by the kernel and given permission or a chance to work) it has to send constant feedback about the device and what it is doing to the Kernel so that Microsoft can tell:
  1. If the device is real or virtual (fake).
  2. What your using the device for (illegally coping a movie or sound track). Or in the case of playing Blue Ray videos Windows has to count how many displays you are using because even if your hardware can physically display High Def video on two screens at once Windows won't let you.
  3. What you are doing.
And then all of this information can be stored on logs and sent back to Microsoft or the NSA.

Why stop there? Why not go completely into invasion of privacy? Lets scan every file on your computer and make sure it's not an illegal song, video, or program that you don't own (good excuse) and send all that information of what is on your computer back to Microsoft / NSA to protect the RIAA, FCC, Hollywood, Music Artists, and Commercial Software Companies to protect them from you and me. (Guilty before proven innocent) As recorded in my video when I asked Microsoft about this their response was that if Microsoft was doing this it would cause them problems and that they would have nothing to gain by doing this.

How they make money by sharing your identity:

Microsoft says they share all this information that we talked about before with their "Partners" so that they can produce higher quality products. Their Partners pay over $1,000,000.00 a year each to have access to this information. If you have a Micro$oft account such as MSN, Live, Windows Live, Hotmail, etc. you will notice an increase in spam mail. In fact I've received Porn thanks to Microsoft and here is the proof:

Microsoft sells your information to PORN industries

So how many calls do you get on the phone from telemarketers? What about all those preferences you fill in? Don't they tell people who send Junk and call you exactly what you are interested in that they can sell you based on where you live, what your preferences are, your age, etc. Where does that info come from? It's not the US Census or is it? I don't know.

Staying Off The Grid and out of the NSA database:

First of all you have to surrender to being in the NSA database if you want to stay off the radar. If you don't exist they know something is wrong. Besides it sucks not to exist. Don't do it. It's probably illegal. What you do have the right to is to stop the invasion of Privacy and it starts at your computer.
  1. Use fake names and information on sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc.
  2. Use a proxy server if your paranoid and you don't want people to know where your computer and modem are physically located.
  3. Don't get a Cell phone or if you do don't get one with GPS and turn off every means of locating where your cell phone is. If in an emergency situation where people are after you take the battery out of your cell phone and only put it back in if you absolutely have to. Try to use Pay-phones or phones in stores. Distort / alter your voice.
  4. Say no to all MSN, Live, Windows Live, Hotmail, Micro$oft accounts. Say no to Apple / Mac and Microsoft all together. Don't install Mono or Silver-light.
  5. Build your own 64 or 32 bit computer or buy it local from someone who built it. Don't buy any software.
  6. Run Derick's Boot and Nuke on your computer.
  7. Go to and install Linux.
  8. Use Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox before going anywhere on the internet and then stop Private Browsing when you quit. Disable cookies and saving passwords. Only disable cookies if your paranoid.
  9. Learn that there is no network you can chat on that is actually secure. All data that goes over the internet will be intercepted and stored on the NSA's servers.
  10. Information overload is your greatest ally. It can slow down anyone who is tracking you because there is too much information to search threw in the NSA's database.
  11. Don't be a threat. Anyone who is seen as a threat and noticed is dealt with. Stay out of the radar. Don't do anything wrong. Don't do anything that violates the US constitution or other Laws.
  12. Don't be an idiot: don't go to any sites that pop up and put in your data. Look at e-mail addresses before you reply. Look at links before you click them.

Protecting US from the U.S. and Corrupt Companies if they consider anyone a threat :

In any case there have been and will be "The Net" moments in some people's lives where both the U.S. Government and or a corrupt organization will consider you or someone you know a threat probably for a ridiculous reason.

First things first. Are you guilty? If yes please turn yourself in now.
If you are truly innocent then why are they after you and who are they?
If you don't know who they are you are in more trouble but lets pretend you do know who they are. First of all if They are large in population, power, have money, etc. then they will probably start with a more legal approach.
First they will tell you or others why what your doing is bad and why your a bad person. Then they will try to suppress your public voice or not allow you to continue doing whatever dangerous action you are doing that might expose them or cut into their profits.
If this fails they will either except what you are and what you are doing (not likely) or they will take more direct action. They will dig into your past and try to blame you with something. You will be investigated. All kinds of fun. The best thing to do is act like your not affected by it and that you are ready for it weather you are or not to the outside. As for the Government officials be honest with them. Admit mistakes. Pay off penalties or fees. That might be it. You might be free and clear.
If not then we will assume it's gotten more serious. They want you gone by any means possible.
Now they will go for criminal methods. Be aware of everyone around you. Make sure you don't answer their questions until you know their motives. Pay attention to detail.
Someone appears to be after you.
Be prepared. First of all by this point you better have a survival kit and I'm not talking about a camping survival kit (although that's good to include) but a Hacker's survival kit. Get some non-registered phone cards that don't expire and a couple (at least two) prepaid cell phones you don't have to set up an account on with your name but you can charge with phone cards. :) Fill your car with Gas and put a packed suitcase in the trunk with a sleeping bag. Don't use a tent they aren't secure. Bring a car cover to keep people from reading your licence plate while you sleep. You will draw attention if you turn off your lights or hide your licence so don't. Also you may want to include a couple cans of spray paint (with the caps on so they don't spray use duct-tape to keep the caps on) so you can change the color of your car if needed. Cary a large amount of cash in small bills (10s 20s will work) and change in quarters for whatever. Bring a pocket knife. Multi tools are useful too. Guns and ammo are smart to have but make sure you know how to use it. If it's truly an emergency keep that pistol (if it is a pistol but not if it isn't) loaded but not cocked so that you can use it when needed. (it's not pepper spray so don't shoot before thinking) One thing to know about Guns. If guns are pointed at you then you can not hesitate. If it's the police or another official and you have very good reason to believe that once in custody you will be killed then run if you think you can. Resisting arrest is only a sane option if you believe that your life will be endanger after you are in police custody. Never shoot an officer there is no reason good enough. If you believe you can survive and an officer has a gun pointed at you and tells you to drop yours or whatever drop to the ground right away or they will open fire. They are trained to. Hesitation isn't an option. If you think someone is trying to kill you and they have a gun you can't hesitate. You must act. Running is the worst thing you can do. All your doing is creating more distance between you and the bullet. You need to get control over the Gun and the person. If your not trained in any fighting style learn now. If you ignore this and aren't trained you should let your entire body go limp and let the weight of your body drag you down from your captor, then get behind him (grab the gun any time here ASAP) and grab their arms and pull them down and to the middle of the back. If they have a weapon still then twist their hand / wrist until they release the weapon. If you believe they will not try to kill you ( ya right ) then don't shoot them but if you are afraid for your life shoot them. If you can don't shoot to kill just shoot them in the legs and arms. Then get away from them quickly. If this is the only person who has been after you the entire time you need to call for help and try to explain your story in both the most believable and honest way possible.
How can anyone be this paranoid? How could so many people go bad?

The same question was asked by High School students. They wrote a book about it called "The Third Wave"

Learn from History, Prepare For The Future.

Can We Believe the NSA or Microsoft?,9130.html

Now lets take this all a giant step further:

Is the real thing that keeps us safe our Operating System, browser, ourselves, or something else? First of all lets take a look at two things. We know that any commercial company that is in direct control over an operating system is likely to be penetrated by Government Officials and have some sort of tracking software planted in their end product. We also know that any data that goes over the net is the NSA's for sure. That is just something extra to throw out there though. The real question is have you seen your software naked? That's a really good question. When was the last time you looked at the source code of a software package to see what it actually does? When did someone take a look at Cannotical's custom kernels and apps? Ya that's right! There could be something nasty in your Linux distribution you don't know about. So what's the pros and cons of this? First of all the big name distributions are great for hardware support and software support but they still have this potential security risk.

So lets throw all that out the window for a minute and focus on Internet browsers. You and I both know no matter what OS you choose your internet browser is the most vulnerable point of your computer. How do I know that my browser doesn't have some sort of add-on or spy-ware attached that is transmitting this information right now? That's a good question. I really don't know. In fact even if I delete all my program settings and files and start over I don't know because as soon as I go online I could pick it up again from popular search engine pages. Maybe the browser itself is infected. Maybe Mozilla Firefox has NSA's fingers in it. Maybe that's why the latest versions are so slow. Then there is Google Chrome which runs faster but does it really? Or is it just sending basic information back to Google? I trust Google pretty well with my browsing needs because they were the ones who stood against George Bush when he wanted to force every search engine to give all information about everyone who used the search engine over to the US Government. Google's excuse they used was that it was against Chinese law and that their engine would report them too. An excellent defence If I do say so. What will Google do with all that data? Use it to help us search the Internet better and put adds on it. Oh well. That's better than what the NSA wants to do with it. They want us all to be so afraid to type in "How-To Make A Bomb" in the search engines that we wet ourselves when we need to do research. So don't worry.

The Main Thing:

The main thing here is to not worry about things in life. By worry I mean anxiety, stress, etc. You can however be prepared and be cautious about what is going on around you. That's a totally different thing. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and all things will work together for good for those who love Him.

Who could you tell that you're hurtin'
And not get your heart kicked around
Who could you put your trust in
And know they're not letting you down

Is there anyone to confide in
Is there anybody to believe
Even if there isn't, there's one thing I know
My God is a rock, and He's where I go

My God is a rock, there's nobody stronger
His ways and His means will last so much longer
My God is an ocean, with love that runs deeper
My God is immortal, He is my keeper
My God is a rock...You can put your trust in
He can help you if you give Him control
Finally Here's a friend to believe in
His wisdom is what you've got to know

Is there anyone to confide in
Is there anybody to believe
Even if there isn't, there's one thing I know
My God is a rock, and He's where I go

My God is a rock, there's nobody stronger
His ways and His means will last so much longer
My God is an ocean, with love that runs deeper
My God is immortal, He is my keeper
My God is a rock

(Just for fun)